Come join us!   Against Plague & Judah!




Before 1930, National Socialism was another obscure German political philosophy promulgated mainly by public speakers, a newspaper, pamphlets, and two enormously influential books, Mein Kampf  (A. Hitler, 1925)  and  Myth in the 20th Century (A. Rosenberg, 1930). For National Socialists, genetic inheritance (race) was the most important factor in all human endeavor. History and current events were interpreted as an ongoing competition for racial dominance. Northern Europeans (Aryans) were deemed superior to all other people, their rightful place being to rule over everyone else. The Nazis traced every evil in the world, both past and present, to people of Jewish descent. They were the lowest of the untermenschen (subhumans). All National Socialist public policy was founded on these precepts.


BlackSquare50x1KFlyers announcing Nazi sponsored public speakers:



“What has the Judaization of Austria brought?” (1925)


“And the hand of Judas rests heavily on the People.” (1929)


Great Public Protest Meeting “Jewish Terror and Police Harassment in Bad Salzuflen” (1930)


Why are we National Socialists anti-semites? (1928)






BlackSquare300x100Mein Kampf was venerated as a sacred document. It was translated into every major language, including Chinese. Elaborately bound editions were presented at official ceremonies and as gifts to newlyweds, and even a cursory reading of any part of it is a memorable experience:



“When I fight the Jews, I am doing the work of the Lord!”, Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf, page 70.



There is no negotiating with the Jews, only the hard Either/Or  AH, Mein Kampf p.225




A racially pure people, conscious of its blood, can never be enslaved by the Jews.
Adolf Hitler (Mein Kampf)


Mein Kampf was the primary source of NSDAP dogma and inspired German public policy, both foreign & domestic, from 1933 until the end of the War. Anti-Semitism is pervasive throughout the text. In Germany and Austria, some of its bywords, e.g. “Parasit“, still resonate with anti-Semitic overtones to this day.



Communications of the Commission for Economic Policy of the NSDAP

The Führer in “Mein Kampf”:

The Jew is and remains the typical parasite, a pest that spreads more and more like a harmful bacillus, needing only a favorable breeding ground. The effect of his existence is also similar to that of parasites: where it occurs, the host population dies after a shorter or longer period of time.




Slavs and Tatars were also classified as untermenschen, as were Blacks.




Our Rulers! If you want to get rid of them, vote DeutschNational! (1924)

BlackSquare50x1KSeveral nationalist/populist parties appeared following World War I. They adopted the swastika as their common symbol and were political allies of the Nazis by 1925.


Volkischen Block

Workers!  Farmers!  If you like Jewish domination then choose your old party

Volkischen Block (Back)

Do you want to be free? Then choose the völkischen Block!  (c.1924)



From 1920:BlackSquare100img_1493

Wherever you look, you’ll see Jews! 

Who are most of the war profiteers? Jews!
Who operate the most ruthless black markets? Jews!
Who unceasingly provoke public misery?Jews!

Germans! Free yourselves from Jewish rule!

Men and women of German blood and German spirit join forces in the German Nationalist Protection and Defiance Federation





Aryan Maiden!
Beware of Jewish girlfriends!
They are directed by the Jewish congregations to prepare you to sin against the blood. They lead you into alien Jewish drinking establishments, dance clubs, bars, etc. where you are the hopeless victim of horny young  Jewish men.  From the day that you fall for these libertines, you are lost to your own German People. As a woman you will only have Jewish children.


….Handed out on the streets of Vienna c.1927; mentioned by Karl Kraus in his journal Die Fackel. It ….contains a misspelling that particularly annoyed him.


1926 Party Day postcard

1926 Party Day postcard


I, Mordechai Marx’s great-grandson, give you my symbol ....................................... From 1932. A coalition (excluding Communists) had been formed to combat the Nazi militias. They chose three arrows as their symbol.

I, Mordechai Marx’s great-grandson, give you my symbol
From 1932. A coalition (excluding Communists) had been formed to combat the Nazi militias. They chose three arrows as their symbol.



These books were written in the 1930’s when the ‘Jewish Question’ was still being actively debated.  Deporting  Jews from Germany was a serious possibility.  Madagascar?