Den Jødiske Imperialisme, M.J. Arildskov, 1935


PREFACE: A sigh of relief passed over the world on November 11, 1918, when the Raven cried: Peace – finally Peace!  But shortly after the war came the crisis – and now?  Now new wars and bloody upheavals threaten!  In this little pamphlet, I describe who has an interest in a new world fire, and the means by which international capitalism seeks to introduce the complete dictatorship of Money Power. 

For 15 years I have been watching the game behind the scenes and see that it is quite different people who rule the world than those who do not know the political goals of the Jewish Federation may think.  With a series of documents and references to many well-known and talented men’s statements, I support my portrayal of the political and economic development of the world, and in conclusion I give a brief account of our domestic affairs. 

Through the last great war, the creation of the League of Nations and the upheaval in Russia, the Jewish League fought for the leading position among all nations.  With the help of the Press, the Capital Force has won a decisive influence on public opinion.  Reckless, the same forces undermine our people nationally and culturally – and in their ignorance our domestic legislators act as serving tools in the hands of the power of change that they pretend to fight.  But soon the derelict Party press and incapable legislative power will be forced to yield to the demands of the electorate, and the will of the people will be the law of the land.  In open battle, Truth always triumphs over lies and deception!  Fredericia, March 1, 1935. Max Johannes Arildskov.


…The leading groups of international finance are, as half the world knows, the great Jewish banks in New York; but the role Jewish financiers have played for centuries in the great political struggle and today practice within the economic and political divisions of individual countries is unfortunately only known by the very few.  The position of power which a small group of diseased people, which has been divided across the globe, has attained, has been fought for by quite another means than those that nations have used throughout the ages, and therefore the Worldwide Jewish Confederation has been able to sneak in unnoticed to suddenly stand not only as the world’s strongest economic, but also as the world’s strongest political power.  Through the insidious Gift of Liberalism, the Jewish Elements have weakened the Cohesion of the Nations;  through Marxism they have divided the people into warring classes, and through exchange and currency fraud, Jewish speculation capital has clamped down on almost all the values ​​created by the Nordic peoples of the various continents for centuries.  The goal of the Jewish Federal Council is to carry out a double world revolution in order to fight for absolute world domination and insert an earthly prince of Jewish blood.  They have gotten very close to this goal, and in Soviet Russia the upheaval has been carried out to such an extent that the Jewish Finance Group, with the vast powers and natural wealth of the Russian Empire, will soon have the opportunity to wage a new battle against the rest of the world, which is already suffering from the international financial dictatorship.


…Our own children have created a country that is materially one of the best organized and richest in the world, but under Jewish leadership our monetary system has been squandered and counterfeited for the benefit of the element that spits on working people. The workers of our nation have been deprived of their birthright to the Earth of Denmark, and if we do not soon learn the meaning of unity, we will inevitably lose the last remnant of spiritual freedom. 

…In our time, Jews are the deepest cause of the unrest and divide that prevails within the Christian states and societies.  Although they have failed their faith, they have not been able to let go of their national Messianic dream, which, almost 2000 years ago, led them to reject Christ, and now have them trying to use the power of gold to appoint an earthly prince of Jewish Blood.  With fiery fanaticism and with all the means of the Covenant at their disposal, the Jewish Organizations are struggling to provoke the next World War and thus the bloody Communist upheaval, and the day is not far off in Danish  Politics when we will no longer be able to choose Right or Left, Social Democracy or Radicalism, but only Communism or National Socialism! It is in this last hour that the Raven cries, “Denmark, wake up!”