“The Scourge of God” from           ‘The Mongrel’ by Ernst Hiemer


As expounded by Alfred Rosenberg in “Myth in the 20th Century”, every major advance of human civilization derived from the efforts of the Aryans, a race of Northern Europeans who migrated across the globe. They created the great empires and cultural achievements of antiquity and those of today. In every case, however, their triumphs were undermined and their societies ultimately collapsed because of racial intermarriage and Jewish subversion.

Democracy, Capitalism, Marxism, Christianity, sexual and racial equality, as well as modern music, theater, and art were all perceived as alien threats to a preferred traditional way of life, each having been insinuated into European culture by the Jews. Consequently, a central goal of National Socialism was to identify, isolate, and purge every vestige of Jewish influence from modern society.



The Jew’s Weapons: Democracy, Freemasonry, Communism, Capitalism



Archaeological expeditions were launched to detect the traces of ancient Aryan migrations and document their presence among the great vanished civilizations. Institutes were founded to supervise these investigations and analyze their findings. The role of the Jews in the collapse of these ancient empires was also investigated, the results published in newly created journals.


  Studies in the History of the       

  Jewish   Question

The Degradation of Nations by the Jews 

religious, racial, political, and economic aspects

Greek Cultural World / Roman Empire / Early Middle Ages / Late Middle Ages and Beginning of the Modern Era / Age of Enlightenment / 19th & 20th Centuries     


Numerous books aimed at the general public were also written expanding on Rosenberg’s themes:  




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From the Red Sea to the Ghettos of Europe, 1942  (courtesy of a friend of the site)                                                                                                                                                                  

‘Aryan & Jew’ (1934, Peters)

‘The Rise of the Jews’ (1937,Fried)

‘Kaiser und Jude’ (1936, Schulz)

‘Jewish World Domination’ (1933, Custos)

‘Jewish Imperialism’ (1935, Schwartz-Bostunitsch)

‘Jewish World Plague’ (1941, Esser)

‘Der Zar, der Zauberer, und die Juden’ (1943, Gruehn)

‘Protocols of the Elders of Zion’ (cover ill. K. Rélink)

‘World Upheaval in Jewish Mythology’ (1936, Groß)



The Antisemitic Peasant Movement in Hesse, 1934


Israel’s Ritual Murder of the People, 1939



Other institutes were founded to research and identify current Jewish influence in every facet of modern life in every European country. There were books, journals, and conferences devoted to the task. It too became an academic discipline.



Jews in the Life of the People, Writings on the Jewish Question of Today, published by the Institute for the Study of the Jewish Question, Berlin – Volume 1 – The Jewish Question in Hungary (1937)

InstJudenfrageBlackSquare50x1KBlackSquare300x100Books and pamphlets warning against the present danger of Jews appeared first in Germany and then throughout Occupied Europe, and large traveling exhibitions were organized to alert the public. Branch Institutes for the Study of the Jewish Question were established in Occupied France, Lithuania, Hungary, Romania, Croatia, and Denmark.



Nordwestbahnhalle, Vienna, 2 Aug – 23 Oct 1938






The Eternal Jew exhibition was shown successively in Munich, Vienna, Berlin, Bremen, Dresden, and Magdeburg between November 1937 & June 1939. The expanded edition of the exhibition catalog (left) is a collection of photographs and historical images of Jews from all walks of life, with an inflammatory comment about each (click).


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We must RECOVER 

Read the terrible diagnosis of our ills.

The virus is the  



Because, like cancer, there are evils that can be learned about too late.








  …….. .  JEWS

 An exhibition on the development of Judaism and its destructive work in Croatia prior to 10.IV.1941. The solution of the Jewish problem in the N.D.H. [Independent State of Croatia]

1.V.1942       1.VI.1942

Arts Pavilion on Strossmayer Square




Cover artist Kurt Salaw




The Scourge of Humanity, c.1942


 ..‘Der Ewige Jude’ artist: Horst Schlüter

   ‘Moses Smith’ (1937, Brandt, in Swedish)

   ‘Handbook of the Jewish Question’ (1935, Fritsch)

   ‘Jewish Criminal Gangs’ (1939, Schlatter)

   ‘Juden Sehen Dich An’ (1936, von Leers)

   ‘Jewry and Criminality’ (1940, von Leers)

   ‘How did the Jew get his Money?’ (1939, von Leers)

   Żydzi przedstawiają się nam (Kowalewski,1944,Polish)

   ‘De Joden in Nederland’ (d.Haas, in Dutch)

   ‘De Joden in Nederland’ (v.Monts, in Dutch)

   ‘Der Jude als Verbrecher’ (Keller,1937)

   ‘Jews are People Too!’ (v.d.Wiele, 1942)

   ‘Balance Sheet of the Jews’ (Keuchenius, 1942, Dutch)

   ‘Alljuda als Kriegstreiber’ (Gracht, 1939)

   ‘Another Jewish World War?’ (Rose, 1939)

  ‘The Jewish Criminal World’ (Hartner-Hnizdo, 1939)

  ‘Židovi’ (Zagreb, 1942, in Croatian)