Many of the items displayed here are exceedingly rare.  Immediately after the War, the Allies were faced with the question of what to do with the tremendous amount of  ‘offensive’  material that had been published during the previous fifteen years.  A decision was made to destroy it all.  The German population was ordered to burn all suspect items, with penalties imposed on anyone found in possession of them.  Even libraries were included under this decree.  A list of these banned publications, containing more than 35,000 entries, is available on the internet. Among them are all of the books, pamphlets, and posters contained in this archive.

We view these documents as essential artifacts of modern history, to be preserved and exhibited. Accordingly, in mid-2021 we donated the contents of this archive to The Wolfsonian, a branch of Florida International University, for use in their public exhibitions and educational programs. We will, however, continue to maintain this website for the foreseeable future.

sq An excellent source of additional information, including translations of various of the items posted here, is the German Propaganda Archive hosted by Dr. Randall Bytwerk


Index of Page Supplements


A Sea of Blood (Dr. Gregor, 1926)

Affidavit of non-Jewish Ancestry (Generalgouvernement, 1941)IMG_1556pamph013FinGracht7FINmadagask.png

Alljuda als Kriegstreiber (Gracht, 1939)

Another Jewish World War? (Rose, 1939)

Aryan & Jew (Peters, 1934)

Aryan Race, Christian Culture, & Jewish Problem (1931)

Authors of the World’s Misfortunes (Goebbels, 1945)

Balance Sheet of the Jews in The Netherlands (Keuchenius, 1942)

Big Shock – the Bible is not God’s Word (Ludendorff, 1936)

Bolchevisme & Bobards (Chaumet, 1942, in French)

Bolshevism & Jewry (Fehst, 1934)

Bolshevism, Jewish Subhumanity (SS-Hauptamt, 1941) sq


Guide9_html_m7c5a3b3eBrandstifter Jude (Die Kameradschaft, 1937)

Brooch (Mülheim an der Ruhr, c.1935)

Chinese edition of Mein Kampf

Christian Mischlings (1938, in English)

Christianity is still Judaism (Hammer, 1939)

Christianity’s Mortal Enemy (Kowalewski 1943, in Polish)

Classification as Jew or Mischling (1943)

Commission for Economic Policy of the NSDAP (1936)

Cruise Ship Oceana Newspaper (Israel/Sara name law, 1938)

Dachau (IB, 1936)

Dark Hand (Sturm, 1936)

Degenerate Art (Exhibition Catalog, 1937)

Degenerate Art (views of an art dealer, 1939)

Degenerate Music (Ziegler, 1938)-2nd ed

Dept. of State Property, Religion & Debt (Croatia,1942)01-100_0034 

Der Ewige Jude (Diebow, 1937)

Der Giftpilz (Hiemer, 1938)

Der Jude als Weltparasit (NS-Führungsstab OKW,1944)

Der Jude als Rasseschänder (Plischke, Fips, 1934)

Der Jude im Theater (Frenzel, 1943)

Der Sumpf (Rosenberg, 1939)

Die_englisch_juedische_Allianz (1)


Der Trug vom Sinai (Schulz,1936)

Der Untermensch (SS-Hauptamt, 1942)

Der Zar, der Zauberer, und die Juden (Gruehn, 1942-43)

Der zeitlose Kampf um die Wahrheit (Geiger, 1944)

Des Stürmer’s Kampf (Holz, 1937)

IMG_0979img_2952IMG_0896Detailed Commentary on New Laws for Israelites – French, Algerian, & Foreign (1941)

English-Jewish Alliance (Meyer-Christian, 1940)

Extermination of the Jews of Warsaw (1944, in French)

Film-Kunst, Film-Kohn, Film-Korruption (Neumann, 1937)



Flits de Herder, Bull de Dog (1943, Dutch, English transl.)

Freemasonry, Behind the Scenes (Myklestad, 1944, in Norwegian

Frenchmen, we must recover! (Institut d’étude des questions juives)

Geschäfte mit dem Hunger (Daun, 1939)




German Art versus Degenerate Art (Dresler, 1938)

Gott mit Uns! (1937)

Handbook for Jews Seeking to Emigrate (1938)

Handbook of the Jewish Question (Fritsch, 1944)

Harc (Budapest, 1944)

High School Textbook (1933)

How did the Jew get his Money? (von Leers, 1939)PoncinsIsraëlWieKam.pngJgottJunmoral

Immorality in the Talmud (Rosenberg, 1935)

Israel, Destroyer of Empires (Poncins, 1942, in French)

Israel’s Ritual Murder of the People (Matthießen, 1939)

Jahwe, Der Gott Der Juden (Müller, 1942)

Jazz, its evil influence (Merz, 1941)

Jehova – Das Gesetz einer Nation (Hildebrandt, 1938)

Jewish & German Physics (Stark & Müller, 1941)

Jewish Art in Germany (Hansen, 1942)

Jewish Atrocities from the Bible (Naumann, 1936) 

DeegGuide9_html_71e6eb1bIMG_1564Jewish Criminal Gangs between the Oder and Vistula (Schlatter, 1939)

Jewish Imperialism (Schwartz-Bostunitsch, 1935)

Jewish Imperialism (Arildskov, 1935 in Danish)

Jewish Laws of Greater Germany (Deeg, 1939)



Jewish Power (Ludendorff, 1939)


Jewish Question in the Classroom (Keipert, 1937)

Jewish Ritual Murder in Russia (Ljutostanski,1934)

Jewish World Domination (Dr.Custos, 1933)

Jewish World Plague (Esser, 1941)

FipsStellen SichJoden2Joden_Holland_1GaunertumLeers

Jewry and Criminality (von Leers, 1940)

Jewry and the Shadow of the Antichrist (Ritter, 1933)

Jews & Music brochure (Brückner, 1938)

Jews become “Swiss” (Ambrunnen, 1935)

Jews Behind Stalin (Kommoss, 1938,1942,43,44)

Jews Conquer/Rule England (Aldag, 1942/43, Dutch eds.)

Jews in the Netherlands (de Haas, in Dutch)img_2997IMG_2163IMG_2495Schweizer1b

Jews in the Netherlands (von Monts, in Dutch)

Jews in the USA (Diebow, 1941)

Jews Introduce Themselves (Kowalewsky, 1944, in Polish)

Journal for Public Speakers (Reichspropagandaleitung, 1944)


Jud Süß (1940 movie)

Jud Süß (movie program)

Juda’s Struggle and Defeat in Germany (Reventlow, 1937)

Judaisme et Bolchevisme (de la Herse, 1942, in French)

Judas Macht, Deutschlands Tod (Hochmuth Verlag, 1933)

Jude und Arbeiter (Schulz, 1934)

Jude und Weib (Schwartz-Bostunitsch, 1939)


Juden Raus! (von Leers, 1933)

Juden Raus! (Hochmuth, 1933)StatutJuifs 004img_1603Relinkcover1img_2088

Juden Sehen Dich An (von Leers, 1936)

Juden stellen sich vor (Fips, 1934)

Juden über Deutschland (Rose,1933)

Juden und Lords, HJ/BDM, 1940

Judenfrage in der Schule (Dobers,1936)

Kaiser und Jude (Schulz, 1936)

Kompass durch die Judenfrage (Hoch, 1944)

La Condition Publique et Privée du Juif en France (Baudry, 1942)

Last Battle! The Downfall of World Communism (Iwanow-Moskwin, 1937)


Le Chancre (Institut d’études des questions juives, c.1940This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is img_0035.jpg

Lehrschau-Bogen, c.1940

Les Juifs aussi sont des Hommes (van de Wiele, 1942)

Leaflets, Russian Front

Leipziger Stadtbank Skandal (Haake,1942)

Lexikon of Jewish Musicians (1940)

Lichtbild, The Curse of the Jews (Reichspropagandaleitung, 1944)img_2137

Lord Cohn (Clam, 1940)

Lublin Ghetto (BIZ, 1940)

Luther on the Jews (Sasse, 1938)


.Ley 011Roosevelt1Lublin1IMG_1869

Luther’s Christian Antisemitism Today (Schroth, 1937)

Luther’s Polemics against the Jews (Linden, 1936)

Luzern Auktion (Degenerate Art, 1939)

Men Who Pull the Strings (Parole der Woche, 1942)

Moses Smith (Brandt, 1937, in Swedish)

Music in Jeopardy (Trienes, 1940)
Nuremberg Laws (1938)

Occult Forces (1943 movie)

Pas Difficile… (Lefranc,1939)

Plutokratie und Judentum slideshow (1941)

Programm der NSDAP, 1920, 1928pohl1ChrAntiProgramm1920MosesSm

Protocols of the Elders of Zion (Fleischhauer 1935)

Purifying The Temple of Art (Willrich, 1937)

Pyramids & Stonehenge (1939 movie)


Racial Hygiene Laws, incl. Jewish Star law (1942)

Rasputin (Kummer,1942)

Rassengedanke in der Schule (Konrad,1936)

Religion of the Talmud (Pohl, 1942)

Reynard the Fox (van Genechten, Dutch 1941)

Reynard the Fox animation (1943)

Rise of the Jews (Fried, 1937)

Ritual Murder (Schramm, 1943)

Ritual Murder (Utikal 1937)

Roosevelt & Jews (Ley, von Leers 1941-43)

Schweizer-Bund (Vienna, 1943)


Socialism Betrayed (Albrecht, 1938)


Soviet Paradise Exhibition (1942)

Spectrul Rosu (Avramescu,c.1940 Romanian)

Studies in the History of the Jewish Question (1937)

Stürmer Brochure (Streicher, Fips, 1935)

The Colored Menace (P.Bang, 1938)


The Eternal Jew (1940 movie)

PlutokJuden 058IMG_1519JudeAlsVerbrecher2SovPar001matthiessen 001Schramm

The False God  (Fritsch, 1920, Dutch ed. 1941)

The Girl You Left Behind (1944)

The Jew and the Aryan Female Sex (Corleis, 1935)

The Jew as Criminal (Keller, Andersen, 1937)

The Jewish Criminal World (Hartner-Hnizdo, 1939)

The Jews Wanted War (1942, in Italian)

The Mongrel (Hiemer, 1940)HartnerHnizdoSam1cover

The New Germany and the Jewish Question (Feder, 1933)

The Sin against the Blood (Dinter)

Trust No Fox (Elvira Bauer, 1936)

Truth about Jewish Ritual Murder (to Gaste, 1937, Polish ed.1943)


Uit den Talmoed (Keuchennius, 1943 in Dutch)

Un Bon Français, 1941

War Jesus ein Jude? (Wärsung, 1934)

War Jesus Jude? (Dinter, 1934)

War Jesus Jude? (Massler, 1935)UtikalFrntPgTopDinterBlut3IMG_2704Corleis

Warsaw Ghetto (BIZ, 1941)

Warsaw Maps

Warum Krieg mit Stalin? (Nibelungen,1941)


We and the Jew, what the Young Must Know (Malitius, 1936)

Westfälischen Landeszeitung (August-September 1935)

Winston Churchill (Treffz, 1940)pudelmopIMG_1007Fox

Who will help us? (1942, in Polish)

Wochensprüche (1937-44)

World Upheaval in Jewish Mythology (Groß, 1936)

 Židovi (Exhibition Guide, Zagreb, 1942)

Zurückbeschnittene Moses (Matthießen, 1939)