Flits de Herder en Bull de Dog, 1943



Translation thanks to a friend of the site







Flit1The Fellow Players

This is Flash, the German shepherd,

And next to him: Bull, the dog!

The rooster, the bear, slim little Kees. 

And what happens with them you will read

Here in this very same little book. 

A little book that will tell you

About all these animals,

Because there is a lot going on with them

As you’ll understand — just listen.






Flit2In battle dress

At any rate, it turned into a fight

Of almost all of them, against one…

Pa Flash was able to hold his own for a while,

But in the end he was all alone.

And that was not because he was not strong.

But when he fought with all of them,

He did not notice that

The rats ate his family out of house and home.






Flit3Bull’s feast

It was simple famine.

Shortages and poverty ruled the day.

While others were rejoicing

And had a great time dancing together.

And Bull laughed — quite satisfied.

For mother Flash died, and, oh my,

Father Flash also died.

Only little Flash was left.






flit4Little Flash grows up

There they go, wow, and fast too! 

In all directions, all over the place.

And little Flash wags his little tail…

He comes from a good bloodline!

That’s how that rascal grew tough and firm,

Soon he was a sturdy German shepherd. 

Which really annoyed Bull,

Because he did not like it.






Flit5Flash frees himself

That might have had a sad ending. 

But… that was once, and never again!

He kept his eyes wide open

His father’s death had taught him something!

Because Flash understands:

Bull, who wants the garden for himself, must be tied down…

So he pulls himself loose, and with his teeth

He bites through the fence.