ODLUKA – Nationalizing Jewish Property and Businesses, Croatia, 1942

                                                                        Independent State of Croatia

                                                                              STATE TREASURY

                            Department of State Property, Religion, and Debt – Office of Nationalized Property


On the basis of the laws governing the nationalization of property of Jews and Jewish businesses of 1941 and… 1942 by the Office of Nationalized Property of the Department of State Property, Religion, and Debt, the State Treasury of the Independent State of Croatia has nationalized without compensation, for the benefit of the Independent Croatian State, the property described below owned by the Jews:

Karl Mandl, Bjelovar

This decision shall be final at the time the decision is rendered and is not subject to appeal to the full administrative court.

Nationalized wealth will be managed by the State Treasury, the Department of State Property, Religion and Debt, Office of Nationalized Property.

Description of the nationalized property: