Translation of the Stürmer Brochure



Der Stürmer

Julius Streicher, publisher

The German weekly that fights for the truth reveals the secrets of Jewry. It gives a thorough explanation of the greatest and most burning of all questions, the Jewish Question.

For 13 long years, Der Stürmer was the target of mockery and sport, persecution and slander, courtrooms and prisons. Der Stürmer never deviated from its path. Today it is the most famous and dreaded anti-Semitic weekly in the world.

Every German reads Der Stürmer!



 Christ said to the Jews: “ Your father is the Devil ! ”  

                                      With open eyes, to ruin run,                                                          

A People ignoring the race question.   

There can be no agreements with the Jews, only the hard Either-Or !  (Adolf Hitler, “Mein Kampf”)BlackSquare50x800


SA and Stürmer marching and fighting together

 Our Goal:  Whatever the Führer wants, 

Our Passion:  Germany must live, 

The Solution is:  Freedom from Jews and Jewish slavery

We have conquered the land through battle, we must bring it to order through peace.  (Speech by Der Führer: 12.7.1933)



Der Stürmer exposes the secrets of Jewry

God of the righteous, let us find a spot in the world where no one reads Der Stürmer

The Jew is not of the master race, he is an exploiter, a robber  (Speech by Der Führer: 28.7.1922)BlackSquare50x800


Whoever trusts the Jews will be mercilessly destroyed

The Jew wants war, the People don’t

The Jew is victorious, the People bleed

If one were to divide humanity into three types, the founders of culture, the bearers of culture, and the destroyers of culture, then probably only the Aryans would be representatives of the first.  (Adolf Hitler, “Mein Kampf”)



Der Stürmer protects you from Jewish exploitation

Why do you need a cat? Catch the rats with the trap and make chopped meat. The goy will eat anything as long as it’s cheap

The Jew will always and forever be a born private capitalist of the worst exploitative kind.  (Speech by Der Führer, 28.7.1922)BlackSquare50x800


Der Stürmer is the faithful guardian of the German people

The Devil has bribed many already – big and small crawl in his glue – He does not respect monastery walls, for he who does not see through him soon falls victim to him.

Everything that was great, high and holy, the Jew has ground into dust  (Speech by Der Führer, 21.8.1924)BlackSquare50x800


The Jew wins with the lie and dies with the truth

My God, what a lovely boy — just like his Papa — he’ll  be a real Jew. One can’t see that his grandfather let himself be baptized — you can’t deny race.

In this world, those not of good race are chaff.  (A.H. “Mein Kampf”)BlackSquare50x800


Germany will live as long as it sees the Jews as the mortal enemy of mankind

She enjoys bad behavior, her husband is interested in seduction, the grandfather in ruining others, and little Kohn is a troublemaker.

There are only two possibilities: either the victory of the Aryan side, or their destruction and the victory of the Jews  (Speech by Der Führer, 12.4.1922)BlackSquare50x800


The Jews are a people without a homeland, they live scattered throughout the entire world

When she lost herself, she was lost to her People

Losing the purity of blood alone destroys inner happiness forever, diminishes mankind forever, and the consequences can never be eliminated from body and soul  (A.H. “Mein Kampf”)BlackSquare50x800


Whoever fights for Der Stürmer fights for his People!

I have this profession because the goyim put themselves in our hands.

Whoever wants to secure the existence of the German people will oppose restrictions on their procreation, which would rob them of the future.  (A.H. “Mein Kampf”)BlackSquare50x800


The Jews are our misfortune!

Because she loves a German man of another denomination, the Roman Church curses her. But the baptized Jew, who secretly gains a German girl’s favor, is welcomed into it. 

The sin against blood and race is the original sin of this world, and brings the end of humanity with it. (A.H. “Mein Kampf”)BlackSquare50x800


German women and girls, the Jews are your ruin

Two thousand years ago I cursed the Jews as the people of the Devil, and you make a people of God out of them

Do not hate other People, but love the German Nation!  (Speech by Der Führer, 24.10.1933)BlackSquare50x1K

Without the Solution of the Jewish Problem there can be No Salvation  of the German People!

Without the Solution of the Jewish Question

No Salvation for the German People!