Racial Hygiene in the Laws of the Reich

IMG_0696Racial Hygiene in the Laws of the Reich

Dr. W. Stuckart, Dr. R. Schiedermair

3rd Expanded Edition, Leipzig 1942

January 1942 Supplement




P.79     insert after VI:

VII. Jews (with the exception of those living in a so-called privileged mixed marriage, i.e. Jewish husbands living in a mixed marriage with mischling children who are not classified as Jews, and Jewish wives living in a German-Jewish mixed marriage; cf. p.88 II 1a for an explanation of this exception*) are subject to compulsory identification and surveillance.

Chief of Police, Reich Minister of the Interior, 1. IX. 1941.

1. Jews over the age of 6 are forbidden to appear in public without a Jewish star.

Reason for this regulation: The Jew should be readily recognizable to avoid unwanted contact between fellow citizens and Jews.

a) The Jewish star must be firmly sewn on the left chest of the garment and be visible. It is to consist of a solid yellow six-pointed star with the black inscription “Jew”.

b) Jews may only wear the Jewish star, regardless of his medals, decorations, and other badges.

*Children of a mixed marriage who are mischlings are subject to compulsory labor and military service. Therefore, these children should not grow up in a Jewish environment, into which they would fall if the requirements of the law applied to their parents. Moreover, the applicability of the law should conform to the racial classification of the man. Therefore, the provisions of the Act affect a childless non-Jewish woman who lives with her Jewish husband.