Subject: Forfeited assets of deported Jews

Chief Finance Officer Wien-Niederdonau
Vienna, I., Hanuschgasse 3
Telephone: R 28-500
9.October 194 2

Subject area P 6 c
File number: 0 5210 -XIXX / 620

Subject: Forfeited assets of deported Jews

Adolf Hrussoczy,
Vienna, XIV., Matznerg. 44

The property of Steiner, Nathan,
II., Rembrandstrasse 31/9, was forfeited to the German Reich on the basis of the eleventh ordinance of the Reich Citizenship Act of 25.11.1941 RGB1.I p.722.

According to a statement I have before me, the aforementioned had a claim against you. By §7 of the above-mentioned ordinance and the jurisdiction regulation made by the Reich Minister of Finance, decree 0 5210 2020 VI, 25.4.1942, you are obliged to report your debt to me. An intentional or negligent failure to do so is punishable.

I request that you indicate the nature and size of your obligation and transfer the outstanding debt amount to the Postal Checking Account Vienna Nr.51 of my Oberfinanzkasse, Vienna III.

By authority
Dr Finsterbusch